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Looking for a baby gym for your little one? Quite a task as there are countless baby activity gyms from many different manufacturers out there. At Spotty Giraffe we stock the Heimess wooden baby gyms because we really like the timeless design and the fantastic quality of these baby activity toys. Heimess is a traditional German toy company. They have been making wooden toys for babies and toddlers for over 50 years. Their first class products are made from high quality materials like native renewable woods and with a lot of hand craftsmanship. Baby gyms provide a lot of stimulation for your baby and we have found that all our children have loved the Heimess wooden baby gym a lot! The bright colours and fascinating shapes provide your baby with plenty of visual stimulation. As babies start to reach out to the items they can see the baby gym is a great help to promote hand and eye coordination The clever design of the Heimess gyms make them a versatile toy for babies. The gym is great for your baby when they are laying on their back looking up at the toys hanging of the gym but the gym is equally good to use for babies sitting in their bouncy chair with the gym in front of them. The Heimess baby gyms grow with your child as they are height adjustable. There is plenty to look at and play with - painted in lovely bright colours and equipped with little bells to make noises. And as babies develop and start pulling themselves up we have found that they start using the baby gym to hold on to when they start to stand. Hence the gyms are a  great buy and your child (or children!) will get plenty of use out of one. We have actually had the same gym for all our children, our third one is 16 weeks old now and after having observed the dangling toys for some time he is now starting to reach out for the objects... The Heimess gyms come flat packed in a box, they are easy to assemble (just a few screws) and can easily be stored away when not in use. Definitely our top choice when it comes to baby gyms! Material: wood Typical Dimensions: 63 x 55 x 53 cm Age: from newborn

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