Baby Toys for the 1st Year – What do babies need and like?

What toys should a baby have for their first year? What's fun and what enhances their development? Here is a list of recommendations: For baby's very first months we always recommend a baby comforter, also known as DouDou. This little cuddly toy will become a familiar friend for a little baby as they recognise the texture and smell of this toy. Mothers (and fathers) can put this toy onto their skin before giving it to baby as the baby will recognise their mell, too! At Spotty Giraffe we stock the wonderful baby toys by French Toy Makers Moulin Roty and their comforters are divine. Made from the softest fabrics and very cute. 658015 Moulin Roty Les Papoum Hippo pacifier comforter Babies love music and react to familiar tunes - Musical Boxes are a great toy for the youngest babies. Both, Sigikid and Moulin Roty make wonderful Musical Soft Toys! Babies recognise 'their' tune and has a coming effect. [caption id="attachment_2034" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sigikid Lolo Lombardo Musicalbox Sigikid Lolo Lombardo Musicalbox[/caption] When babies get older and they start to explore with their hands, first clutching toys and rattles enhance their grasping. Our firm favourites are the wooden clutching rings and rattles by German brands Heimess and HABA. Very traditional toys, made from top quality wood.733840 Heimess Rainbow Pearl There are also matching Pram Chains from Heimess which are a great way to keep babies entertained whilst out and about (they also attach to car seats). Heimess Baby Gyms are a great way to entertain baby on the floor. To begin with babies lay on their backs and watch the movements of the toys above, then they will start to reach out for them. Later on babies can use the baby gym to pull themselves up and practise their standing! 763324 Heimess Fish Baby Gym Babies need some tummy time and it's even more fun, when they can have a special toy for tummy time. First soft balls encourage lifting the head and later on first crawling. The Spotty Giraffe favourites are the HABA baby balls. When babies get older, can sit up unaided and on route to their first birthday, building blocks can be introduced. Wooden building blocks are durable and easy to grasp. They can be used for transferring from one hand to the other, fostering hand-eye coordination and first stacking can be practised. Babies can explore colours, textures and sounds through building blocks and sensory shapes. As the First Birthday marks a very special occasion, gifts and toys can make this achievement even more special! A Wooden Walker or Wooden Rocking Horse make wonderful First Birthday Gifts! Janod Caramel Rocking Horse Enjoy the first year of your baby - and there will a lot of 'firsts' during this year!

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