Come meet us on Sunday 6th July

Come and see us!

We have a stall at the popular Northcote Road Summer Fete this year! So if you are in South West London this weekend do pop along as it would be lovely to meet some of our great customers. Lots of our bestsellers will be available on the day & we will be running a competition to win a £50 Spotty Giraffe shopping voucher!


Ickle Pickles

Ickle Pickles is the official charity for the Northcote Road Fete 2014. In case you haven't heard of Ickle Pickles, they are the smallest and sickest babies who need intensive care in neonatal units. The Ickle Pickle Partnership turns gifts and donations from generous people into specialised equipment like incubators and ventilators to help neonatal units provide incredible levels of care for Ickle Pickles. Please support them even if you cannot make it on Sunday.

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