Crocodile Creek Playballs – BPA, PVC and Vinyl FREE!

Crocodile Creek Playballs – BPA, PVC and Vinyl FREE!

All children love balls. But what materials are balls made from and are they safe?

All Crocodile Creek Playballs are BPA, PVC and Vinyl FREE! They are made from natural and synthetic rubber instead.

Until you have held a Crocodile Creek Playball in your hand you can’t really appreciate how fantastic they are. The balls have a lovely texture and it is very easy even for the smallest hands to grab hold of these balls. Crocodile Creek Playballs are great for indoors and outdoors alike and feature lovely, funky designs.
crocodile creek playable fishcrocodile creek playable dinosaur


At Spotty Giraffe we love Crocodile Creek balls for their exceptional quality and fantastic value for money.

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