Janod Confetti Musical Instruments for Kids

Janod Confetti Musical Instruments for Kids

Children love musical instruments. The enjoy making their own sounds (or noise), finding out about different volumes as well as exploring all types of musical instruments.

At Spotty Giraffe we stock a wonderful range of musical toys for young children. One of our bestselling musical instruments are part of the Janod Confetti range. There is everything from a simple rainstick which is also great for babies to listen to, a colourful wooden recorder and a first guitar for children, too. Bestselling are the Janod Kids Drum and Janod Tambourines for children.

Janod Drum Confetti

Janod Tambourine Confetti

The Janod Percussion Set includes a xylophone, tambourine, castanets and a recorder. This makes a fantastic starter set for young musicians and also a great gift for 3 year old!

Janod Confetti Percussion Set

For older children we recommend the Janod Music Life Set, this includes a guitar, tambourine, harmonica, trumpet for kids and a clapper.

Janod Music Life Set

New to our fantastic range of Janod Musical Instruments are the Headless Tambourine and the fun Musical Table.

Janod Headless Tambourine Confetti

Janod Confetti Musical Table

Explore the Janod Musical Instruments range here at Spotty Giraffe, official Janod toys stockist in the UK.




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