NEW Playmat – Fun & Games!

Double Flip Fun & Games MatA friend told me about this ‘amazing Playmat’ she had recently bought for her 2 children. But how can a playmat be so special?

We have tested the DoubleFlip Fun & Games Mat for Spotty Giraffe and it literally is AMAZING!

The DoubleFlip Fun & Games Mat comes with a set of dice and 6 counters, 10 colourful felt tip pens for writing and drawing on the mat (washable ones that the mat can be used over and over again), a set of game instructions and a practical fabric storage bag.

The set is nicely packaged in a well designed cardboard box. Perfect for gifts! The mat itself is made of white fabric, a liner between the two sides prevents the pens from soaking through. One side of the playmat is dedicated to letter practise – all letters from A to Z (capital and lower case) can be traced along the dotted lines. There are also lots of opportunities for colouring and drawing – the children can draw their favourite meal onto the empty plate or add some colourful flowers to the vase. Two dot-to-dot pictures feature on this side of the mat – great for practising those straight lines!Double Flip fun & Games Mat Letters, Bees, Dice

Double Flip Fun & Games Mat Plate & Dot to Dot

Noughts & Crosses is only one of the 3 games on this side of the mat. There are 2 more games which can be played with up to 4 players: Roll the dice and colour in the bees or see who completes their set of insects first!

Double Flip Fun & Games Mat Word Search

Another great educational feature is the ‘word search’ – there is so much to do but this is only one side of the games mat. Let’s turn it over!

It’s Snakes & Ladders! What a great idea to put this on the mat. Not only can children play the classic game with the dice and counters included in the set, kids can also practise their number writing, number recognition and counting. Snakes & Ladders can be played with grown ups, too! So the mat offers fun for the entire family.

Double Flip Fun & Games Mat Snakes and Ladders Double Flip Fun & Games Mat Snakes and Ladders counter

And there is more for young aspiring artists: A body needs clothes, a bold head requires hair and there is an empty picture frame that is desperate for some artwork!

Whilst there are so many clever ideas on the DoubleFlip Fun & Games Mat to inspire children, it’s perfect for first drawings, too. Our 2 year old loves the mat as much as his 4 year old sister who is extremely busy counting, letter writing and introducing her friends to Snakes & Ladders!

The washing test: We have to admit that we were quite sceptical if this would work. We put the well used mat in the washing machine at 30 degrees (no washing powder). 40 min later we had a clean (or brand new) Fun & Games Mat! It really does work – the mat can be used again and again.

Double Flip Fun & Games Mat Washing Test

Our Spotty Giraffe verdict: This is the best toy we have come across in a while (and we do naturally see a lot of toys and gifts for children)! This is a timeless toy with lots of educational value and children of very different ages can get hours of fun (and learning) out of the DoubleFlip Fun & Games Mat.

The mat is a fantastic prop to get out when there are more kids in the house – perfect for a playdate on a rainy day! The mat and all the accessories are easy to store in the fabric bag (it’s quite light so it can actually travel with you as well).

The DoubleFlip Fun & Games Mat would make a fantastic Birthday or Christmas gift for children aged 3 -10 years and is now available at Spotty Giraffe!

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