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Le Toy Van Oven and Hob Set

Pretend play is an important part of a child's development. The benefits of pretend play include improved language skills, social skills and problem solving skills. Pretend play can be picking up the remote control and using it as a mobile phone or we all remember putting blankets over chairs and making a fort. At Spotty Giraffe we have a large range of toys to help your child develop their pretend play. Today there are a lot of top toy brands that make excellent toys for pretend play. We have hand selected some of the best form the best European brands for you. We stock a wide range of pretend play toys such as wooden pirate ships from Le Toy Van to hand and finger puppets from Sigikid. But one of our favourite categories has to be the toy kitchens and play food. These bring countless hours of fun to children over a number of years and you get to drink lots of pretend tea! In this post we want to show you some of the range of wooden toy kitchens we have and will come back to the play food in a future post. Our wooden toy kitchens range from a HABA table top cooker to a large free standing Janod kitchen. Two Millhouse kitchens even come with a built in washing machine and one doubles as a market stall! Small For those with limited space the HABA Play cooker is ideal. 001596 Haba Play cooker This Le Toy Van Camper mini stove set is an excellent alternative. TV297 Le Toy Van Camper Mini Stove Medium This Brio Stove is bright red and is lots of fun to play with. It is also excellent value for money: 31355 Brio Stove red Le Toy van have produced an amazing toy kitchen with this oven and hob set. The oven mit, frying pan and saucepan are all included. TV265 Le Toy Van Oven and Hob Set Full size There are lots of large kitchens out there but we think these are the best: The award winning Millhouse healthy eating kitchen and market stall which includes a vegetable growing kit to encourage healthy eating. Also as it doubles up as either a toy kitchen or a market stall this will be used for years to come. PT213 Millhouse Healthy Eating kitchen and Market stall The Janod Picnik Duo Kitchen is great and comes with 16 accessories, including a fried egg!  The Janod Picnik range includes toasters and espresso machines so this can grow as their imagination grows.   j06538 Janod Picnik Duo Kitchen      

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