Why we love Crocodile Creek Puzzles

Why we love Crocodile Creek Puzzles

Do you know Crocodile Creek? We love the Puzzles and Jigsaws by Crocodile Creek! Based in the US, they make the most wonderful puzzles, jigsaws and soft balls for children.

Their puzzle range starts from the Age of 3. The Mini Shaped Puzzles are first beginner puzzles have 12 large pieces, made out of junky, sturdy cardboard. There are several fun designs like this Fire Engine Jigsaw.

Crocodile Creek mini Puzzle Fire EngineCrocodile Creek mini Puzzle Fire Engine

Like all Crocodile Creek Jigsaws, these Mini Shaped Puzzles come in well-designed, shaped, sturdy cardboard boxes. They make a wonderful birthday gift for a 3 year old!

We also love the Crocodile Creek Block Puzzles. These block puzzle sets contain 9 blocks each and are suitable for all ages between 3 and 99 years! Why is that? With the Crocodile Creek Block Puzzle Make a Face you can simply make 6 animal faces or you can start making all sorts of funny faces by mixing up the faces. These quality block puzzles will keep young old entertained as there are 10,077,696 different possibilities of combining the blocks to a funny animal face! The same goes for the Block Puzzle Zoo, you can simply match the blocks to 18 Zoo Animals or 10,077,696 mixed up animals! Give it a go - block puzzles by Crocodile Creek are for the entire family! Fantastic for a rainy day!   

Crocodile Creek Block Puzzle FaceCrocodile Creek Block Puzzle FaceCrocodile Creek Block Puzzle Face

Floor Puzzles are a great way to introduce puzzle fun in the playroom! We recommend Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzles for several reasons: Crocodile Creek design timeless, fun and educational jigsaws. This goes for the floor puzzles as well as for the Junior Puzzles and 200 piece Jigsaws! The Floor Puzzles have 36 large, extra-strong pieces which are a very good size for little hands. Choose from Dinosaurs, Vehicles, Mermaid and Farm themed floor puzzles. The large, well-made boxes are perfectly sized for the 36 puzzle pieces and have a lovely picture on the front of the box. The back reveals what the puzzle will look like when finished. The Dinosaur Floor Puzzle doesn't just feature one dinosaur. There are many, many different dinosaurs - count them, discuss colours, find the dinosaur eggs...

Crocodile Creek Dinosaur Floor PuzzleCrocodile Creek Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

All Crocodile Creek Jigsaws have an educational element, too! All Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzles create a puzzle of 50 x 75 cm and are suitable for 3 to 4 year olds.

After that we recommend moving up to a 72 piece jigsaw. Suitable from 4 years, here are the Junior Shaped Box Puzzles.

Crocodile Creek Junior Shaped Box Puzzle MermaidCrocodile Creek Junior Shaped Box Puzzle Mermaid

72 quality cardboard pieces are perfectly contained in the shaped boxes and the puzzles measure 35 x 38cm. This is still a good size for a children's puzzle, but you can see that it is a little bit more challenging for the children. We always recommend to challenge children with a puzzle or jigsaw. Therefore, when looking for a gift for a 3 1/2 year old, go for the 4 year old puzzle! If it's too easy, it will just stay on the shelf.

Moving onto the next step: Jigsaws with 200 pieces are suitable for children from the age of 6, 5 year olds with grown-up help. Crocodile Creek make fantastic 200 piece puzzles - Poster Puzzles. Packaged in a cardboard tube, these jigsaws also include a wall poster. This helps when making the puzzle to see the picture but is also great to enhance the learning factor. Our favourite Crocodile Creek Poster Puzzles are World, Space and Europe. The World Map Jigsaw features animals and where they live, the Europe Map Puzzle indicates countries by famous landmarks and the Space Jigsaw shows all Planets! New to this range of Map Puzzles are Asia and World Cities!

Crocodile Creek Poster Puzzle EuropeCrocodile Creek Poster Puzzle world Cities

Crocodile Creek also make fantastic Children's Balls, suitable for in and outdoors. The Playballs have a unique texture which makes it easy for little hands to hold onto them. Crocodile Creek Playballs are great for toddlers and older kids, too. All Crocodile Creek Playballs are free from PVC and BPA and vinyl. 

Crocodile Creek Playball FishCrocodile Creek Playball Butterflies

Explore this fantastic brand from the US - Crocodile Creek is available online at Spotty Giraffe! We are proud to be a recommended Crocodile Creek Retailer in the UK!  


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