HABA My Very First Games - Shapes And Colors


HABA Shapes and Colors is an ingenious and versatile board game of HABA's My Very First Games range.  

It comes with 2 games included but it can also be used as part of free play and is a great opportunity for parents and children to talk and learn about colours, shapes, nature and the world around us.

The game includes 3 double sided boards, 2 large chunky dice and 15 colourful wooden pieces in bright primary colours. One side of the board is flat and colourful, for matching colours, the other side has shape indentations for matching shapes.

Game 1. "Which colours does my flower need?" Each player places the board with the flower meadow facing up and the wooden pieces in the middle. Roll the dice and if the colour on the dice is a colour you need, take a corresponding wooden piece.

Game 2. "Which shapes suit my butterfly best?" With the butterfly side of the board up, you roll the dice and if the shape on the dice, matches a shape you need, you take a correponding piece. 

Board games are great for family interaction and this one really encourages free play, coordination and fine motor skills, concentration and an awareness of our surroundings as well as shapes and colours.

For 1 - 3 players

Contents of HABA Shapes and Colors

  • 2 dice games
  • 3 cardboard boards
  • 15 wooden pieces.


Material: Cardboard, wood

Dimensions: 4cm x 4cm pieces, 3cm x 3cm x 3cm dice

    The HABA Shapes and Colors Game is suitable for children from 2 years. 

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