HABA My Very First Games - My First Orchard

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HABA My First Orchard is an adaptation of  HABA's classic "Orchard Game", perfect for small hands and the youngest members of the family. It has extra chunky fruit pieces which can also be used in free play. 

Game: Group the 4 different fruits together on the 4 fruit tree cards and then line up the "path" cards near the fruit trees with the Raven placed infront of the first one. Roll the dice. If a colour appears then collect a piece of fruit of that colour and put it in the basket. If a fruit basket appears on the dice, collect any piece of fruit but if the Raven appears on the dice, move him a step nearer to the trees. You've got to try and collect all the fruit before the Raven gets to the orchard and steals it, in order to win the game. 
This game is great for improving motor skills and encouraging language, auditory and creative skills. Talk to your child about the colours and shapes as you play to enhance the fun.
Contents: 16 fruit pieces, 4 fruit tree cards, 5 path cards, 1 Raven, 1 Dice, Instructions

Duration of game: 10 min

Suitable for 1-4 player

The HABA My First Orchard Game is suitable for children from 2 years.



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