Oskar and Ellen - A wonderful brand from Sweden

Oskar and Ellen was founded in 2000 by mother of two, Petra Rigby Jinglöv. She says "I got the idea to develop toys since we often did longhaul flights with our children. I couldn't find any toys that were educational, soft, quiet (to avoid co-passengers from getting annoyed) and easy to carry with us."

All Oskar and Ellen toys are handmade by three sewing studios in Manila, Philippines. These sewing studios were chosen over 10 years ago by Petra, who lived in Manila for many years. They still work with the same studios today. Petra and her family have moved back to Sweden and the company is based in Stockholm.

All products are made from cotton, poly cotton, polyester, rayon and felt. Each product is made from different fabrics which are imported to the Philippines from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and USA.

Each Oskar and Ellen toy is packed in a pretty netted fabric storage bag.

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