Le Toy Van Honeybake Cash Register and Weighing Scales Bundle

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Le Toy Van Cash Register Bundle - SAVE by buying this popular Le Toy Van Honeybake Market Stall Till together with the Weighing Scales!

Every shopkeeper needs this robust red wooden cash register by Le Toy Van and to complete the shopkeeper role play scene, add the fantastic wooden scales.

Both toys are painted in a unisex red. The wooden weighing scales even come with moving guage.

The set also includes an apple that can be quartered and put back together (velcro).

The wooden toy cash register features soft touch buttons, a spring-loaded opening till drawer, a wooden till receipt, plus wooden and paper Le Toy Van play money.

These are the perfect accessories for the popular Le Toy Van Market Stalls! Let's go shopping! 


Material: wood (playmoney notes made from paper)

Cash register: Dimensions: D165mm W165mm H145mm

Weighing scales: Dimensions: D120mm W150mm H180mm

The Le Toy Van Cash Register Bundle with Weighing Scales is suitable for children from 3 years.

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